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Digital Discipleship Devotions

We believe by connecting men through the Word of God that our faith will grow, our hearts will be knit together, and we will be able to go to the “Next Level” in our spiritual walk as men, husbands, fathers and mentors to the next generation. Remember that “iron sharpens iron” as we study, learn and grow together. Click on the devotional content below to join in the discussion. 

FEBRUARY DEVOTION: What Your Wife Needs from You by Natalie Burnett


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Day 3 - Your wife needs you to talk to her.

It is not new news that to get to know someone you have to talk to them. In order to know who they are, what they like and dislike, what their dreams are; at some point in time, you have to discuss it. The same goes for marriage. Jeremy and I are in a unique position. We live and work together. We spend time with the same people and the same students. Very often we are working through the exact same work situations. We struggle to talk about things that are not work related! It’s all we have!

Regardless of our struggle to communicate about something, we still must do it. One night, Jer came home with a free ebook (Fun Loving You by Ted Cunningham) and at the end of the book were questions to ask your spouse. We stayed up well into the night asking each question and talking about the answers and what the answers meant to us, our kids, our marriage, our futures. Some of them were funny and we laughed. Some were difficult and reflective of things that needed adjusted in our lives. To be honest, there were questions that I had to prepare myself to ask: what else do you need from me as a wife? What weaknesses do I have that are hurting our relationship? Those are difficult questions, but they are necessary and they developed our relationship.

Genesis 2:18 says, “It is not good for man to be alone” and God created Eve. Men, not only does your wife need you to talk, but YOU need to talk. Men weren’t created to just exist and get through the day. You were created to be in relationship with your wife, and that includes communication. Since you texted your wife yesterday and asked her for a date, text her today and ask her how she’s doing.

Included today is a link to 100 conversational questions to ask your spouse. I won’t tell her they’re included. Pick some out and ask her a few after dinner today. Start conversations!



Day #3 Scripture

Romans 12:10 - “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”


Day #3 Questions

  1. Is talking something that is difficult for you? This is one way that you can put your wife above yourself and show your love for her. How can you honor her with speech this week?

  2. What are some questions that you want to ask your wife? How can you use these questions to grow your relationship or your time together?

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