At this annual event, held every Good Friday from 8AM-4PM, students from Pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade join us for our 1-day, VBS style day camp. Students from all over the Cleveland area converge on Bethel Christian to take advantage of this event! They enjoy music, games, crafts, inflatables, and more! Plus, we even feed them breakfast, lunch, and snacks throughout the day! There are also age-appropriate services which include singing, games, and a Bible-based message. At our last Good Fri-Day Camp, we had over 160 students in attendance! Everyone has a great time, and each year many kids make a commitment to follow Christ at the conclusion of the services! The cost is only $10 per child ($40 maximum per family). If you have any questions you can call the church office at 440.842.9600 or email us at info@mybcfamily.com. Pre-registration is now open!

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